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Every job of the future is an IT job

In the dynamic heart of Chicagoland's innovation ecosystem, the future is being written in lines of code and data-driven decisions. Good Jobs Chicagoland is at the forefront, transforming the workforce to meet the surge in demand for tech expertise. With specialized programs in Software Engineering, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, IT Support, and Operations, we're not just keeping pace with technology—we're setting the pace. 

Launch Your Future in Information Technology

Discover High-Demand, High-Paying IT Careers in Chicagoland’s Thriving Tech Ecosystem

Chicagoland is famously a well-diversified economy, but all the region’s industries share the need for tech hires. In Chicago, from October 2022 to September 2023, there were 240,000 tech job openings for the year, but consistent with the national trend, there is a mismatch between the demand for tech talent and the supply of tech-ready talent. Over the next decade, the U.S needs 1 million more STEM professionals than it is currently on track to produce. Chicagoland must confront how to ensure its residents are equipped with the skills required to participate in a rapidly changing workforce and to earn family-sustaining wages. Technical occupations are the most promising source of high-paying stable careers, they facilitate economic growth, and they have the potential to make a big dent in income and wealth inequality in Chicagoland.

Career Opportunities

Software, Data, IT Systems Support, Cloud, Cyber Security, Project Management

In-Demand Positions

Software Engineer, Data Analyst, Cyber Security Analyst, Business Analyst, Network Technicians, Project Manager

Participating Employers

United, Oak Street Health, SDI and more!


Wages can range from $24.00/hr.-$35.00/ hr. plus benefits

Participating Employers

Meet the esteemed partners driving our mission forward

Voices of Trust

Discover the impact of Good Jobs Chicagoland from the industry's leading employers.

These testimonials shed light on the transformative power of connecting talent with opportunity, and the ripple effect it creates in our communities.

”Oak Street Health is excited to work with P33 as the first Good Jobs Chicagoland employer in Chicago! As part of our mission to rebuild healthcare as it should be, we have long believed in the importance of hiring from the local neighborhoods we serve. In addition to providing culturally-competent care for our patients, which leads to improved health outcomes, it’s important to invest resources in our communities. GJC’s mission aligns to our goal.”

Murali Balakumar
Chief Information Officer
Oak Street Health

Need For Tech Talent 

Secure The Talent That Leads

In the heart of Chicagoland's booming tech sector, your organization needs the right minds to lead and innovate. Good Jobs Chicagoland is your partner in connecting with the region's most talented tech professionals.

Bridging the Gap

1 Million More STEM Professionals Needed

Good Jobs Chicagoland is committed to addressing this shortfall by nurturing and connecting a new generation of STEM talent to meet the nation's growing needs.

Evolving Expertise

33% Shift in Top 20 Tech Skills Over 5 Years

Through dynamic training and upskilling programs, Good Jobs Chicagoland helps professionals stay ahead of the rapidly changing tech landscape.

Diversity in Focus

Addressing Inequities in Tech

Good Jobs Chicagoland is dedicated to enhancing diversity in tech by empowering underrepresented groups and creating inclusive pathways for Black, LatinX, and female talent.

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