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Chicagoland's thriving Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics sector is on a constant lookout for skilled professionals ready to steer the future of commerce and connectivity. Good Jobs Chicagoland is your gateway to exciting career paths in TDL, where every role plays a critical part in keeping our city and the nation moving forward.

Gear Up for Career Success in Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

Embrace New Opportunities in Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics with Innovative Training and High-Earning Potential

The Chicagoland TDL (Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics) industry is undergoing a transformative phase, particularly in response to the Good Jobs Challenge. Initiatives submitted thus far are driving a paradigm shift by prioritizing diversity across age, ethnicity, gender, and socio-economic status in their recruitment strategies. AAR, a key player in maintenance, repair, and overhaul services, is seeking Aviation Technicians for their apprenticeship program, offering the potential for an over $80,000 yearly wage and educational opportunities without accruing significant student loan debt. Meanwhile, Kalaju Transportation is seeking individuals with clean motor vehicle records for paratransit driver positions, promising potential earnings exceeding $50,000 annually. Best Solution Express is also contributing to the workforce by offering training for truck drivers, including hazmat certification, with the potential for lucrative weekly earnings. These initiatives are not only employer-led but also community-driven, promising a more inclusive and prosperous future for Chicagoland's TDL industry.

Career Opportunities

Aircraft Mechanic, Auto/Diesel Mechanics, CDL B Drivers, Branch Managers, Sales Managers, HR Professionals and Dispatchers

In-Demand Positions

Aviation Technicians, Paratransit Drivers and Aides, Truck Drivers, Forklift/Warehouse Workers and Sales Associates

Employer-Partners Ready to Hire

AAR, Kalaju Transportation, Best Solution Express, New Wave International Cargo, Lakeshore Beverage, and Chicago Transit Authority


$41,000 to $80,000 a year plus benefits

$20/hr to $39/hr plus benefits

Chicagoland's TDL Champions

Meet the esteemed employer partners driving our mission forward

Rapid Route Training

Fast-Track Your TDL Expertise

Explore this month's featured training, handpicked from leading TDL employers. Good Jobs Chicagoland brings you exclusive opportunities to enhance your skills and fast-track your career in the vibrant world of Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics.

Olive-Harvey College
10001 S Woodlawn Ave
Chicago, IL 60628

Leading the Way

TDL is Your Path to Success

In the heart of Chicagoland, the Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics sector offers more than just jobs – it's a gateway to a thriving career with endless possibilities. Here, you'll find a dynamic blend of innovation, connectivity, and growth opportunities, making TDL not just a smart choice, but a rewarding one in Chicago's bustling economic landscape.

Freight Frenzy

One-Third of U.S. Freight in Chicagoland

Good Jobs Chicagoland leverages Chicagoland's major freight hub status to connect TDL professionals with a wealth of diverse career opportunities in this bustling market

Center of Commerce

Railroads, Highways, and Airports Converge

In the heart of America's transport network, Good Jobs Chicagoland offers unique pathways for career growth in logistics and distribution, tapping into Chicagoland's unmatched connectivity

Career Growth Ahead

Projected 10% Employment Increase in TDL

Anticipating the sector's expansion, Good Jobs Chicagoland is poised to guide and support job seekers in capitalizing on the growing employment opportunities in Chicagoland's thriving TDL industry.

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