Manufacturing Momentum in Chicagoland 

Igniting Innovation,
Crafting Success

Discover the heart of innovation and craftsmanship in Chicagoland's manufacturing sector. Good Jobs Chicagoland is dedicated to nurturing a skilled workforce that drives growth and sustains the legacy of quality and efficiency in this vital industry.

Cook County is home to 80% of the total manufacturing output in the state of Illinois, and the sector employs over 192,000 people in Cook County alone.

Forge Your Future in Illinois Manufacturing

Discover Advanced Career Pathways and Upskilling Opportunities in Cook County

Illinois ranks as one of the top industrial states in the U.S., hosting over 14,000 manufacturing companies that employ upwards of 735,000 workers. Cook County accounts for about half of the manufacturing jobs in the Chicagoland area.

The Good Jobs Challenge is set to enhance career opportunities in Advanced Manufacturing by offering training in cutting-edge technologies and providing upskilling programs for existing workers, focusing on leadership development.

The Cook County Bureau of Economic Development has teamed up with OAI, Inc. to support the manufacturing sector with Good Jobs Chicagoland.

Career Opportunities

The manufacturing sector offers opportunities for career advancement and higher earning potential.

In-Demand Positions

Our employers are hiring and training for the following positions: Assemblers, CNC Machine Operators, Fabricators, Material Handlers, Press Brake Operators and Welders.

Employer-Partners Ready to Hire

Agrati, Federal Signal, Freedman Seating and Morrison Container Handling Solutions.


Salaries can range from $45,000 to $120,000 plus benefits

Chicagolands’ Manufacturing Champions

Meet the esteemed partners driving our mission forward

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Fueling Chicagoland's Manufacturing Drive

Skilled Hands, Sharp Minds

Chicagoland emerges as a powerhouse in the manufacturing sector, boasting a rich tapestry of industries, innovative growth, and a skilled workforce. Explore why manufacturing in this vibrant region is more than just production—it's about forging the future of industry.

Innovation Hub

$2 Billion in Research & Development Annually

Good Jobs Chicagoland is at the forefront of harnessing this investment, connecting talent to Chicagoland's diverse manufacturing industries, from machinery to fabricated metals, fueling innovation and technological growth.

Diversity in Focus

Growing Ethnic Diversity and Female Representation

Recognizing the strength in diversity, Good Jobs Chicagoland actively promotes inclusivity in Chicagoland's manufacturing sector, creating opportunities for a workforce as varied and dynamic as the region itself.

A Need For Talent

Over 100,000 Manufacturing Jobs

Good Jobs Chicagoland plays a pivotal role in matching skilled individuals with the right opportunities in Chicagoland's thriving manufacturing landscape.

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